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  1. Danner Mag Drive 2 Pump 250gph

    Starting at $69.99

  2. Fish-safe
  3. Great for fresh or saltwater
  4. 10' cord
  5. 1/2" inlet and 1/2" outlet
  6. 5 year limited warranty
  7. Also available in 350gph, 500gph and 700gph Learn More
  • Danner Mag Drive 9.5 Pump 950gph

    Starting at $114.99

  • Fish-safe
  • Great for fresh or saltwater
  • 10' cord
  • 3/4" inlet and 3/4" outlet
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Also vailable in 1200gph and 1800 gph Learn More
  • Efficient, durable, and reliable
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Cell-cast acrylic construction
  • Quick-Precise adjustment valve allows fast precision tuning of the skimmer water level to control wet/dry foam production
  • Rubber feet isolate noise and reduce vibration.
  • Italian-Made Sicce needle-wheel pump produces optimum bubble size for high-efficiency protein skimming Learn More
  • Seachem Flourite 7kg


  • Specially fracted stable porous clay gravel for the natural planted aquarium
  • Best suited to planted aquaria, but may be used in any aquarium environment
  • Gravel modifiers such as laterite are not necessary
  • Not chemically coated or treated and will not alter the pH of the water. Learn More
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