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  1. Eshopps Ista Surface Skimmer w/ Accessory Bag


  2. Effectively draws the dust and protein to the skimmer which assures a crystal clear water surface. This creates a healthier and safer environment, as it allows effective gas exchange and proper light for plants.
  3. Allows surface water flow to get through from all directions without clogging
  4. With self-floating water inlet chamber, it automatically adjusts itself with the change of water level.
  5. Works perfectly with hang on filters and other middle size filters Learn More
  • Eshopps Nano Skimmer 10-35 Gallon Tank


  • Small foorprint 11.5" x 2.25" x 4.5"
  • Magnet adjustable
  • For aquariums 10-35 gallons
  • Compact design and magnet mount allow for versatile placement
  • Quality acrylic construction Learn More
  • Nightscaping Coverliter Light Fixture


  • Removable outer layer cover
  • Serves as a heat dissipater
  • Copper finish with ground stake. Learn More
  • Nightscaping Deckliter 4" Light Fixture


  • Great down lighting
  • Weathered Iron finish
  • Brass finial with brass loop for hanging Learn More
  • Nightscaping Deliter Path Light Fixture


  • Path lighting for illuminating winding paths
  • Miniature version of the Famous El Camino highway marker
  • Powder coated weathered iron finish Learn More
  • Nightscaping Fern-Liter Light Fixture


  • casts a gentle circular pattern down to light tabletops
  • Weathered Iron finish
  • Has loop for hanging. Learn More
  • Nightscaping Flower-Liter Path Light Fixture


  • Throws a circle of light 10’ in diameter
  • owder coated weathered iron finish
  • Includes ground spike Learn More
  • Nightscaping Footliter SS Path Light


  • Weathered Iron finish
  • Comes with 7.5" ground spike for mounting Learn More
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