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  1. Use on systems up to 150 gallons.
  2. Needle Wheel option is available for a slight upcharge.
  3. Sicce SK200 Needlewheel Venturi (intake style) Pump is supplied. Learn More
  • Use on systems up to 300 gallons.
  • The perfect skimmer for advanced reef tanks and heavily loaded fish aquariums
  • Constructed from a special grade of pvc to prevent algae growth and has a clear top and neck for viewing bubble production Learn More
  • Penn Plax Cascade Filter and Pump Starter Kit

    Starting at $73.95

    Cascade Filter And Pump Starter Kits

    Box contains

    • 1 Cascade™ Power Filter (80 & 100 respectively)
    • 1 Air-Tech Pump
    • 1 Aquarium Heater
    • 1 Quick-Net 4" Net
    • 1 Lok-Tite™ 2-Gang Valve
    • 1 Aqua-Mist™ Add-A-Stone™
    • 1 Aquarium Thermometer
    • 8 ft Standard Airline Tubing
    • 0.42 oz Pro-Balance™ Total Flake Food

    Learn More
  • Seachem Flourite 7kg


  • Specially fracted stable porous clay gravel for the natural planted aquarium
  • Best suited to planted aquaria, but may be used in any aquarium environment
  • Gravel modifiers such as laterite are not necessary
  • Not chemically coated or treated and will not alter the pH of the water. Learn More
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